Company Overview

Started our business venture in 2004, we, Balaji Traders, are one of the topmost Manufacturers and Suppliers of all kind of RO Water Purifier, UV Water Purifiers, which includes Domestic Water Purifier, Domestic RO Water Purifiers, Domestic Water Filter, etc. Implementing the modern technology, we keep offering highly advanced and convenient water purifiers to our esteemed clients spread across nationwide. Furthermore, coming with their top-quality purification, less maintenance and high purifying capacity, all our water purifiers are highly demanded in the competitive marketplaces. Moreover, we offer these RO purifiers under the three brands namely Aqua Grand, KEEL and Royal Aquafresh.

On the other hand, in the normal osmosis procedure, the solvent naturally moves from a zone of little solute concentration (high water potential), through a membrane, to a zone of maximum solute concentration (little water potential). The driving strength for the flow of the solvent is the decrease in the free energy of the system when the variance in solvent concentration on either side of a membrane is condensed, generating osmotic pressure because of the solvent moving into the more concentrated solution.

Applying an outer pressure to reverse the natural movement of an uncontaminated solvent, therefore, is reverse osmosis. The procedure is analogous to other membrane technology applications. Though, major differences are found between reverse osmosis and purification. The chief amputation mechanism in membrane filtration is straining, or size elimination, so the procedure can theoretically achieve flawless efficiency regardless of parameters such as the solution pressure as well as concentration. Along with this, RO also involves diffusion, making the procedure reliant on pressure, movement rate, and other conditions. Moreover, RO is most frequently recognized for its best use in drinking water purification from seawater, eliminating the salt and other waste materials from the water molecules.

Being a renowned Provider, we also offer an exceptional Repair Services of aforementioned water purifiers at cost-effective price points.

Competent Crew of Veterans

We have a competent crew of veterans to ensure that only the finest quality RO Water Purifier, UV Water Purifiers are delivered to our patrons. For the selection of these veterans, we arrange the various tests, based on required skills, knowledge, expertise and experience. They are always in the touch with newest technologies and prepared to adapt according to that. To boost their knowledge as well as skills, we too provide the compulsory training to them, over a specified time. Also, they work with each other in a hassle-free environment with a spirit of a communal corporation.

Our Manufacturing Unit

We are highly blessed with a thriving manufacturing unit. This unit is completely laced with all the pertinent high-tech machines and equipment. Because of this, we are capable to effortlessly streamline our production for meeting the diverse demands of the market. Our experienced technicians make sure that they manage and maintain all the machines in this unit in a perfect manner so that defect-free product range delivered at clients place. Moreover, our sound and technically advanced manufacturing unit have been one of the most significant aspects of the supreme quality products that we are capable to bring out.